Metroid Recon

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Energy Tank Locations

Each Energy Tank will permanently increase your energy carrying capacity by an extra 100 units. These items are vital to your survival, they'll especially come in handy when facing the SA-X. Find all 20 with the hints below.

Main Deck

1. In the same room where you fight Arachnus X to recover the Morph Ball ability, before fighting the creature you'll find this Energy Tank resting atop a platform in plain sight as you proceed through the room.

2. In the same room as Energy Tank MD.01 above you'll find a hole just ahead leading down to where you'll fight Arachnus X. Stand at the edge of the hole and shoot missiles into the ceiling directly above to open up a hidden passage. Follow it to find this Energy Tank waiting in a hidden room.

3. Down in the Central Reactor Core room, go through the door at the very top right-hand corner of the room and proceed down the next corridor to find this Energy Tank in plain sight sitting atop a platform.

Sector 1 (SRX)

1. To the right of the large room containing the first atmospheric stabilizer you'll find this Energy Tank hidden at the end of a long corridor in a narrow tunnel.

2. Right after visiting the Restricted Lab you'll find an elevator leading back up to Sector 1. Ride up the lift and go right at the top to locate a large room looking like it's come straight out of Tourian from Super Metroid. Space Jump up the first shaft and fire a charged Diffusion Missile at the wall on the right to reveal this Energy Tank hidden in the wall.

3. You'll find this Energy Tank directly above where the fake Chozo statue was resting in the room where you recovered the Charge Beam. But it's blocked by Speed Booster blocks so you'll need to use some tricky Shinesparking to reach it. Travel down to the Save Room below, then start dashing back to the right. Blast the two Hornoads in the adjacent room as you pass through, once you reach the orange shaft duck while Samus is flashing.

Very quickly Space Jump up to the door on the left, then open it and Shinespark inside (press A and hold left). You'll fly into the room but as you strike the sloping ramp just inside Samus will stop flying and keep running forward. Keep Speed Boosting to the end of the room and quickly duck before you fall off the platform. Rush up against the left wall and Shinespark straight up to finally reach this Energy Tank.

Sector 2 (TRO)

1. You'll find this Energy Tank in plain view in a small room right outside the large chamber where you fight the Core X possessing the Hi-Jump Boots/Jumpball ability (you'll find it on your way in there).

2. Climb up the tall green shaft nearest the room where you recovered the Plasma Beam ability. Go through the right door up at the top to find a dead-end with four Owtchs crawling about. Walk to up the right wall and jump up to grab hold of a hidden tunnel. Go inside to find a hidden room, up in the narrow alcove on the right you'll find this Energy Tank hidden.

3. You'll need the Space Jump and Screw Attack abilities to reach this item. Go into the Level 1 Security Room and jump up to the top left corner of the room. Screw Attack through the wall there to locate a hidden door beyond. Inside you'll find a huge room filled with crumbling blocks (lay a Power Bomb to reveal them all), so you'll need to take care while Space Jumping around to not touch any of them. You'll find this Energy Tank way up in the top left corner of this room, you'll also find Power Bomb S2.04 further down.

Sector 3 (PYR)

1. After defeating the Security Robot, follow it up the shaft it jumps up through, then clear out the corridor above of all enemies and open the door at the far left end. Run back to the right side until Samus begins flashing, then duck. Shinespark back to the left so that you fly cleanly through the door and break through a wall in the next room. Bomb your way down through a small tunnel in the corner to find this Energy Tank hidden below. Alternatively you could simply enter this room normally and reached the Energy Tank from below, but you'll need to take the upper path to reach Power Bomb S3.01 as well.

2. You'll find this Energy Tank along with Missile S3.06 in the same fiery chamber, check S3.06's entry for the location.

3. You'll need the Speed Booster to reach this item. Move through the middle door along the left wall of the large red room near the entrance of this sector to find a long lava-filled corridor. Cross this corridor and go left to find Missile S3.07. Bomb open the left wall behind it and continue down the next hidden corridor while clearing out obstructions along the floor.

Go back to the door and Speed Boost down to the left wall, once there Shinespark up through the blocks in the ceiling to find another large room where this item awaits. If you've got the Space Jump it'll be easy to reach, if not shoot open the walls on the right and bomb around the ground to reveal a handy pillar.

Sector 4 (AQA)

1. Go left from the giant room filled with electrified water near the entrance of this sector, you'll then reach a tall chamber with two doors leading off to the left. Go through the upper submerged door and through the next winding room to eventually find this Energy Tank concealed within the ruins of an overhead roof section.

2. Just after releasing the Level 4 Security Doors lock, go out into the tall underwater shaft next door and Space Jump up to about halfway. Here you'll find a small alcove in the right wall, roll through the hidden tunnel there to find another shaft leading down. Swim down to the bottom to find a sealed door and a bunch of creatures hanging about in an enclosed space in the corner.

Lay a Power Bomb to destroy them, but don't grab the X that appear. Wait for the X to reform into yellow crabs, then finish them off to unlock the door. Go inside and lay a Power Bomb to reveal a path leading up to this Energy Tank.

Sector 5 (ARC)

1. Just after receiving the Ice Missile upgrade from the Data Room, go right and shoot out the floor in the next room to open up a tall shaft leading down. Just below the door you entered this shaft via is another door up on a ledge. Descend the shaft and freeze the Ripper flying around down below to reach the door.

Inside you'll spot an Energy Tank lying on a platform just ahead, but when you approach it it'll grow wings just like one of the Missile Tanks did earlier. Destroy the creature and reveal the real Energy Tank hidden within the wall.

2. Right after you destroy the Eyeball Door guarding Nightmare's room you'll find this Energy Tank straight ahead once inside. Lay a Power Bomb to reveal a tunnel leading to it.

3. In the tall underwater shaft you swim down through while tracking down Nightmare, you should spot a small opening in the right wall about halfway down. Once you regain the Gravity Suit ability head back to this shaft and fire a missile at the left wall directly opposite the small opening in the right wall to reveal an opening. Crawl through to find this Energy Tank hidden beyond.

Watch out in this room as there's crumbling blocks along the narrow tunnels leading up to the item, and don't lay any bombs or you'll trigger a pillar that rises up to block the Energy Tank.

Sector 6 (NOC)

1. Head to the first large darkened room and travel down to the bottom right corner. Bomb open a small tunnel in the wall to find this Energy Tank hidden in a room beyond. Bomb open a narrow tunnel up on the wall ahead to open a way leading to the Energy Tank.

2. In the second huge darkened room filled with blue Xs, descend to the door in the bottom left corner and head through. Run through this next corridor to break through Speed Booster blocks ahead, then drop down the small shaft and head through the door on the left to find this Energy Tank sitting in plain view atop a platform.

3. You'll need the Screw Attack to reach this item. Travel to the large darkened shaft containing the door leading to the area where you fight the Security Robot. Go inside the long corridor and Screw Attack the obstruction along the floor further in. This will give you enough room to activate the Speed Booster. Run back to the right and re-enter the shaft with the Speed Booster active.

Once back in the darkened shaft, duck and Shinespark straight through the wall ahead to reveal a hidden door beyond. Inside lies a long corridor where the Energy Tank awaits at the end, but it's blocked by Speed Booster blocks. We'll need to bridge the gaps between the platforms to give enough room for the Speed Booster to kick in. You'll need to bomb the platforms to reveal small pillars to close the gaps, but be careful as some vertical pillars will rise up out of the ground to block your way.

If that happens leave the room and re-enter to try again. On the first platform, bomb the center of it to reveal the first pillar. Jump over to the second small platform and bomb the center of it to reveal two more pillars. On the third platform, lay bombs on both ends of the platform, but make sure you're as far on the edges as possible without falling off. This will leave one final pillar to bridge the final gap.

Jump over to the fourth platform and bomb the center of it to reveal the final pillar. Doing all this correctly you'll have successfully bridged all the gaps, remember to not fire your weapon anywhere otherwise the Wave Beam will trigger the other pillars. Go back to the door and rush over to the right to fire up the Speed Booster, then simply Shinespark through the wall on the right to finally reach this Energy Tank.

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